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Selling: Visual Kei, K-Pop Photobooks, K-pop CDs, J-Pop CDs

Posted on 2011.08.31 at 19:42
I just moved and I'm in need of money for school. Selling off the majority of my Japanese and Korean CDs. Some are LIMITED EDITION, out of print and very rare. All are kept in excellent or near-mint condition unless otherwise noted. Prices are set in Canadian dollars!

Oguri Shun S.O Photobook: $30

Hiroki Narimiya Rah-Rah Photobook (poster included): $30

Final Fantasy X-2 Limited Guidebook (Paine): $35

Kingdom Hearts 2 Limited Guidebook (Yellow Sora): $50

TVXQ Bora Bora Photobook + Package (no posters): $40

F.T Island: The Refreshment (Repackage): $20

Big Bang: Hot Issue: $8

Big Bang: Remember: $8

T-ara 1st Album: $10

Super Junior Bonanana (Sungmin Card): $8

The TRAX (photobook + 1st single): $10

Girls' Generation Oh! (Yuri Card): $8

Girls' Generation Run Devil Run Repackage (Tiffany Poster): $8

KAT-TUN "Signal" (Limited): $20

KAT-TUN "Signal" (Regular): $15

Golf&Mike 1st Album: $5

H.O.T Ressurection: $5

G.Y.M Fever to Future (Limited): $25

Super Junior 1st album (sleeve not included): $5

Psycho le Cemu "GREATEST HITS" CD+DVD: $40

Psycho le Cemu "Frontiers": $15

WaT "Best of" (strap not included): $10

Transtic Nerve "Yoru no Manatsu no Highway Star": $5

Vogus Image "Breathe/Kokyuu": $5

Siam Shade VI: $10

NEWS Hoshi wo Mezashite: $20

Yamashita Tomohisa/Yamapi "Daite Senorita" (Regular): $5

TVXQ "My Destiny" (Hero Background): $5

Rain "It's Raining": $5

Doping Panda self-titled: $5

TRAX Scorpio: $5

Kagerou "Rakushu": $15

Janne da Arc (Photobook Only): $5

Hysteric Blue "Historic Blue": $5

Siam Shade "Dreams" (Long Disc format): $1

Fake? "Come (English Version)": $5

SE7EN "First SE7EN" (regular edition): $20

Kanjani8 "Kanfuu Fighting" Limited CD+DVD (No Strap): $10

Luna Sea "Tonight": $5

Luna Sea "Love Song": $5

Se7en "I wanna": $5

Glay "Heavy Gauge": Free (It's a bootleg. I just don't want it taking up my space anymore lol.)

Jaejoong + Yoochun "Colors" (Limited Edition + Jaejoong Card): $20

TVXQ "Sky": $5

NEWS: Sayaendo (Limited Edition): $30

Epik High "Black Swan Songs": $50

Clazziquai "Love Child of the 21st Century" LIMITED: $50

Duet (cover: Hey Say Jump!) March Edition: $15

Buying/Selling History: I'm new to selling, but I have mailed out plenty of packages to friends and family so I have a pretty good handle on the whole shipping thing. However I have purchased many things and have a solid buyer history (ebay & general feedback page).

Shipping Information: Will ship worldwide. US & Canada buyers are preferred and will have a much lower shipping price than elsewhere, since I live in Canada. Shipping is calculated at time of purchase -- you can expect around $5 for basic shipping. If you wish to have it registered, let me know!
International shipping may have a very high price. Please keep this in mind!

Payment: I accept Paypal only in Canadian Dollars. Buyer will pay any extra fees. If you live nearby in the Toronto region, I *may* accept cash as a payment method, but this is very "buyer beware".
Item will be shipped after payment is received.
Please don't pay until I've figured out shipping! I only wish to give fair rates on those and if something happens, it'll be easier for both of us to back out. :)

Other: I don't accept returns or refunds once it's been shipped and paid for. Keep in mind if there are any cracks in the casing, it may have happened during shipment.

If you want a closer image of any items (including a look of what it is inside), feel free to ask and I will snap some pictures for you.

Prices *are* negotiable depending.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment, PM me or contact me over AIM on fruitykillertune.


linhong96 at 2012-12-16 05:10 (UTC) (Link)
hi do you have the refrshment of ftisland???
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